JCC 2021 Keynote Speech

Keynote Title:  Low-latency Serverless Computing: Characterization, Optimization and Outlooking
Keynote Speaker:  Prof. Haibo Chen, Distinguished Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Keynote Abstract: 

Serverless computing promises cost-efficiency and elasticity for high-productive software development. To achieve this, the serverless computing platform must address two challenges: strong isolation between function instances, and low startup latency to ensure user experience.  In this talk,  I will first present a characterization of state-of-the-art serverless platform and derive several key metrics, which collectly forms a systematic methodology and a benchmark called severlessbench. Then, I will show how severless platform can be optimized for (sub-)millisecond startup latency for both normal and condential severless computing. Finally, I will present an outlook on challenges and opportunities of serverless comptuting, including how to make it secure and efficient for joint cloud computing.

Keynote Biography: